A Keynote Speaker for any Audience


A Keynote Speaker for any Audience

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Harrison Hunter Reid is the Founder and Chief Elation Officer of the brands Koohlah and Living Koohlah. Koohlah is a health food manufacturing startup created to help combat the obesity epidemic by serving customers with healthy versions of the foods they already enjoy. Living Koohlah is an education brand that teaches people how to be healthier, happier and more successful. Before starting the two Koohlah brands, Harrison ran a successful wealth management practice that was eventually acquired by Alliance Global Partners. It was during that time Harrison learned the importance of health and happiness. He now travels around the world educating entrepreneurs and business owners on how to create healthy, happy and productive organizations, all while running his own.


Harrison graduated with a BBA in entrepreneurship and business management from the University of Miami and then got certified in Nutrition and Wellbeing at Cornell University. He is a certified happiness coach, an NLP Master Practitioner and certified in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. Harrison serves on the advisory boards of both the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Help For Children. 

Presentations for Businesses

How to Create Happiness At Work for More Productive, Loyal and Effective Employees

Do you want the most effective employees? Do you want them to be attracted to your company? Do you want them to stay with you, saving you the high costs of hiring new employees? The key to all this lies within the happiness of your employees. There was a study recently completed that showed the best companies to work for grew 3.5x faster than the average company. In this session, Harrison Hunter Reid will teach you how to put systems in place that keep your employees in a state of bliss to increase sales and reduce expenses.

How to Build a Thriving Culture

What do employees want out of a company before giving better than their very best? Culture! A culture that allows them to feel safe, creates happiness, encourages creativity and gives them meaning. When building culture that fulfills on all of that, employees will reach their true potential and wow you on a daily basis. In this session learn the 4 systems to put in place to create that kind of thriving culture.

Servant Leadership: How to Offer Your Employees the Power to be Their Best Selves

What could you do with more time? What would your life look like, how would your business grow, how would your family feel? The new age of leadership is here and is called servant leadership. Learn how to best empower your employees to grow the business, so you can spend your time doing what you love.

How to Maximize Your Time at Trade Show/Conference

The sheer size of any show can be overwhelming with so much to learn, so many people to meet and not enough time to do everything. In this session learn how to maximize your time at the show and leave knowing you got more value than you ever could have hoped for. Learn strategies: 

To build deeper relationships that create more value in your life

How to retain more information that will take your business to the next level

How to find exactly what you are looking for without dealing with stress throughout the show.

How to Create Devoted Customers Using Healthy Options

What is the best segment of the market to target? The segment that is large, loyal and underserved. Health-conscious consumers are desperately searching for new stores that offer them the kinds of healthy options they desire. In this session learn what healthy options consumers are looking for and how to leverage those options to create a new segment of highly loyal and profitable customers in your store.

How to Add Jet Fuel To Your Company's Productivity

We all know productivity equals more sales and less money wasted on labor hours. How do you maximize that system in such a way that your employees care about your organization and promote it? Learn what it takes to put a new system in place that will have your employees doing more and coming up with new ideas that scale your business geometrically

Presentations for Entrepreneurs

8 Minutes to Bliss

What does it take to live a blissful life? Is it a new car, or a new house, more revenue or fewer expenses? What if it took just 8 minutes a day to live your best life? Happiness is a skill, that can be cultivated like any other and if we spend just 8 minutes a day working on it, every day of our life could be incredible.

Eating Healthy Made Easy

Learn about how humans evolved to be addicted to healthy foods and how our current food system is messing with your biological wiring. Then learn what things to put into your body on a daily basis to reset the confusion that has been created and bring you back to your healthy food addiction. 

How to Add Jet Fuel To Your Productivity

What actually is productivity? Is it the number of tasks you can complete in a day or is it the overall output you create regardless of working hours? I would argue that it’s both. In this talk, you will learn how I create geometric productivity to run my 2 businesses whilst traveling around the globe as a keynote speaker.

Success Without Discipline is Easy

No more do we need to work our tails off, be disciplined or have incredible willpower in order to be successful. We are now able to create mindsets that put success on autopilot making achievement easy and fun. I will talk about how I went from obese to fit with ease, how I sold a business before the age of 25 and am on my way to launching a global brand, all without having a high will-power or discipline because I trained my mind to want the outcomes more than breathing. When the mind wants the outcomes, it'll make success happen on your behalf.


"One of the most frequent comments I've heard from attendees is that [Harrison's] talk was one of their favorites [of the 48 talks]... Absolutely, I would recommend you to [a friend who hosts events]."

-Bori Vigh

 Event/Community Manager, Nomad Cruise.  

"I train speakers for a living and Harrison is definitely in the top 1% in the world." 

-Josh Dykes

 Co-Founder of The SPEAKup Challenge 


"Harrison exhibits wisdom beyond his years, and that shined brightly when he presented at our annual impact investor retreat. He has a keen intuition of how people work and what drives them, paired with techniques that actually work. Not only did he have boundless insights to help us refine our content programming, but he’s an assuring and accommodating presence to work alongside." 

-Stephanie Stettler 

Event Manager, Gratitude Railroad Impact Investor Conference

"When I see someone on stage with this kind of magnetic energy, I immediately go into I want to listen to them." 

-Marina Iakovleva

 430K Subscribers, Dating Beyond Borders

"The next day after the talk in the morning when I woke up, I wrote 1000 words in my book and a 2000 word article before I left my room. Something I had been struggling with the days prior to Harrison's talk."  

-Renat Gabitov

 CEO, Lifestyle Engineering

"He was a great speaker and I'd love to see Harrison talk again." 

-Christa Romano 

 Instagram Influencer, @Christabellatravels

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