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"When I see someone on stage with this kind of magnetic energy, I immediately go into I want to listen to them." 

-Marina Iakovleva

430K Subscribers, Dating Beyond Borders

"I train speakers for a living and Harrison is definitely in the top 1% in the world." 

-Josh Dykes

Co-Founder of The SPEAKup Challenge 

"Harrison delivered a very insightful keynote in a compelling way captivating the entire audience from start to finish" 

-Jimmy Naraine 

120K Students on Udemy

About Harrison

Harrison Hunter Reid is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, and world traveler. The purpose of his life is to be radiant love, share extreme abundance and inspire others to feel fully alive.

Harrison is an expert in making things easy, actionable, and fun. He helps his students transform their health, take control of their minds, and create enterprises destined for success; all with ease.

Harrison went from being fired from every job he ever had to currently running 2 businesses. One that is relieving the global obesity epidemic by selling snack foods that satisfy our cravings in a radically healthy manner. The other helps American financial institutions structure their benefit programs to instantly generate substantially more income for both their employees and owners.

Harrison previously co-founded an events company when he was 18 years old that generated thousands of dollars for charity. He is also currently on the advisory board for two charities, Help For Children, which helps prevent child abuse, and National Alliance on Mental Illness, which offers help and support for the mentally ill.

Transformational Topics

Harrison Hunter Reed Reid Inspirational Keynote Speaker Wellness Entrepreneur Personal Development

Business Management and Entrepreneurship

- 4 Factors of Employee Engagement

- Productivity Hyperspeed

- How to Create Excited Employees

- Entrepreneurship Made Easy

Food, Wellness and Nutrition

- How does Food affect Employee Performance

- Secrets to Eating Easy and Feeling Amazing

- How to Create Loyal Customers Through Healthy Options

Taking Control of Your Mind

- Create Success Without Willpower

- Daily 8 Minutes to a Blissful Life

- How to Have Limitless Motivation

- The Power of Intuition to Live Stress Free


"One of the most frequent comments I've heard from attendees is that [Harrison's] talk was one of their favorites [of the 48 talks]... Absolutely, I would recommend him to [a friend who hosts events]."

-Bori Vigh

 Event/Community Manager, Nomad Cruise.  

Testimonial for Harrison Hunter Reid Harrison Hunter Reed Keynote Speaker

"Harrison exhibits wisdom beyond his years, and that shined brightly when he presented at our annual impact investor retreat. He has a keen intuition of how people work and what drives them, paired with techniques that actually work. Not only did he have boundless insights to help us refine our content programming, but he’s an assuring and accommodating presence to work alongside." 

-Stephanie Stettler 

Event Manager, Gratitude Railroad Impact Investor Conference

"The next day after his talk, in the morning when I woke up, I wrote 1000 words in my book and a 2000 word article before I left my room. Something I had been struggling with the days prior to Harrison's talk."  

-Renat Gabitov

 CEO, Lifestyle Engineering

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