"One of the most frequent comments I've heard from attendees is that [Harrison's] talk was one of their favorites [of the 48 talks]... Absolutely, I would recommend [Harrison] to [a friend who hosts events]."

-Bori Vigh

 Event/Community Manager, Nomad Cruise.  

"I train speakers for a living and Harrison is definitely in the top 1% in the world." 

-Josh Dykes

 Co-Founder of The SPEAKup Challenge 

Harrison Hunter Reid Harrison Hunter Reed Keynote Speaker Testimonial Gratitude Railroad

"Harrison exhibits wisdom beyond his years, and that shined brightly when he presented at our annual impact investor retreat. He has a keen intuition of how people work and what drives them, paired with techniques that actually work. Not only did he have boundless insights to help us refine our content programming, but he’s an assuring and accommodating presence to work alongside." 

-Stephanie Stettler 

Event Manager, Gratitude Railroad Impact Investor Conference

"When I see someone on stage with this kind of magnetic energy, I immediately go into I want to listen to them." 

-Marina Iakovleva

 430K Subscribers, Dating Beyond Borders

"The next day after his talk, in the morning when I woke up, I wrote 1000 words in my book and a 2000 word article before I left my room. Something I had been struggling with the days prior to Harrison's talk."  

-Renat Gabitov

 CEO, Lifestyle Engineering

"[As a speaker he is] very engaging. [He] knows where the pain points of [his] audience are and [he] knows how to connect with them. That's very unique about [Harrison]." 

-Fadila Ahmad

 CEO Africans Living Fully

"He was a great speaker and I'd love to see Harrison talk again." 

-Christa Romano 

 Instagram Influencer, @Christabellatravels

"My main takeaway was feeling this emotion of I'm going to implement [everything] of this into my daily routine." 

-Christian Carlson

 Social Media Consultant, BrandBastion

"I liked [Harrison's talk] a lot because it's something you cannot read in books. I would definitely recommend other people go to his talks."

-Alex Schamne

 Software Developer and Yoga, Spomix